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Bad-CreditAutoLoans.net was founded to help consumers or car buyers that have been looking for the help reaching their common goal of becoming financially stable. This can be achieved by improving the credit status by obtaining (auto financing) to purchase a vehicle. Our free service can help most people with (bad credit, poor credit and even no credit) situations get into a vehicle with assistance from our network of dealerships through out the United States and Canada.

Bad-CreditAutoLoans.net is backed by a large web programming group constantly coming up with new ways to utilize our dealer database and provide our users with a cutting edge yet simple web experience. Our large in house sales team is constantly pushing new ground to bring you the best deals possible online.

So we created Bad-CreditAutoLoans.net so that we can take applications and match up these applicants with local dealers that specialize in auto credit for a broad range of customer credit issues. This way, every applicant has his or her best chance of getting approved for a car loan.